However, Mill refuted Paley’s teleological argument by saying that nature cannot be created by an intelligent designer as he observed that nature was cruel and that progress was made only at the cost of immense suffering. Also, he believed that humans were punished for doing what nature does everyday such as killing people, and they were punished for what animals can freely do like murder, rape and theft.

Additionally, he deduced that an intelligent designer, God, could not have made this would as it’s riddled with evil, suffering and death. Surely, if were omni-benevolent and omniscient then evil would not exist in the world. He said that if the creator of this world wills what he wants then he wills evil and suffering.

In short, Paley makes valid conclusions about the world having a designer because it seems so intricate just to have not been made by something, but God may not be this creator as Mill stated that if the God of classical theism is deemed omni-benevolent, omniscient and omnipotent then why is there evil in the world?
Either we have mistaken God's qualities or something other than God created the world.
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